arrival of Ana and Sorin

 Lia in the studio

Ana, Sorin and József in the studio

working in the café

interview with Dan


The political changes in Europe since 1989 have positively influenced the art scene in Western and Eastern Europe. Each side enriches the other in different ways.

Artists from East-Europe exhibit performance art to the public and experiment with new media. Artists and art lovers are curious about the culture that was influenced by socialism. In contrast to all expectations, the effect of these influences is still in a state of flux. The immediate and fresh way of working, as well as the political and social commitment, bring Western institutional art 'out of its shell'. The international art scene is nowadays connected by the Internet; more and more artists search to make contact with each other. They want to exchange their ideas, ask questions, and search for answers together.

Ingrid Weidig and two other artists from Essen had the idea to invite six artists from Romania to Essen. They are internationally known and represent a new generation of young Romanian artists. This team of artists work on performance, installations, video and computer art.

For thirty days, all artists lived and worked together in the Kunsthaus. They used language, images, and gestures to communicate.


The Kunsthaus Essen, a constant meeting place for international artists, is the perfect venue for such an event. It is a place where ten artists have permanent studios. Besides their own art work, they organize shows in their gallery and, on a regular basis, also organize larger events. In recent years, the Kunsthaus has been an important arena for contemporary art.
Young artists have the opportunity to experiment and develop innovative concepts. Most of the time, the artists create installations in the Kunsthaus. These are developed in communication with artists in the house.

The project „Invitatie-Invitation-Einladung“ is presented on an interactive CD-ROM and on the Internet, which allows the international public to follow the meeting between German and Romanian artists at the Kunsthaus Essen.

We want to thank the participating artists for their effort and support and Judith Angel as the art historian. We are indebted to the sponsors for their financial support.

Carola Schneider


József cooking


Ana Adam | József Bartha | Sándor Bartha | Dan Perjovschi | amaLia Perjovschi | Claudia Sacher | Hubert Sandmann | Sorin Vreme I Ingrid Weidig

© 2001 Kunsthaus Essen

drawings: Dan Perjovschi, june 2001
photography: Ingrid Weidig