K U N S T H A U S   E S S E N   Germany
1.- 30. Juni 2001

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józsef bartha
ingrid weidig
sàndor bartha
dan perjovschi
claudia sacher
hubert sandmann
lia perjovschi
ana adam
sorin vreme
the invitation

Künstler aus Rumänien und Deutschland
lebten und arbeiteten 30 Tage lang im Kunsthaus Essen. Die gemeinsame Sprache war English.

Artists from Romania and Germany lived and
worked together for 30 days at the Kunsthaus Essen.
The common language was English.

The Idea:
invitatie - invitation - einladung is the attempt to communicate via images. Artists from opposite geographic directions meet each other. What happens when East meets West?

Do ideas develop which can’t be described by words, but only by paintings and sculptures or installations? Is it possible to understand the artwork of oneanother? Are the objects a reflection of the various ways of political and geographical background? We searched for an answer to the question "Is there still a difference between 'Eastern' and 'Western' Art".

The Project:
this German-Romanian invitation took place at the Kunsthaus Essen from June 1st until June 30th 2001.

With a public START-UP, including personal presentations with slides, videos and discussions, we introduced the project to the public on June 8th.

Two weeks later, on June 22nd, in a public DOWNLOAD the results of the intensive cooperation were shown in a group-exhibitions in the house.

We wanted to motivate "Westerners" to experience a different culture which indeed was influenced by socialism, but still is very different from our idea of "socialistic art".
Art historians from both countries - Judit Angel, Arad (Ro) and Carola Schneider, Essen (D) accompanied the PROJECT to articulate the artistic processes in discussions and written texts for the dokumentation.

  Ana Adam | József Bartha | Sándor Bartha | Dan Perjovschi | Lia Perjovschi | Claudia Sacher | Hubert Sandmann | Sorin Vreme | Ingrid Weidig



© 2001 Kunsthaus Essen and the artists. 
Rübezahlstraße 33 . D-45134 Essen . 0049-201-443313

Idea, concept and management: Claudia Sacher, Dr. Carola Schneider, Ingrid Weidig

Photography: Michael Benecke, Bernhard Bödeker, Petra Göbel, Ingrid Weidig

Text: Judit Angel, Carola Schneider

Flash-Animations: Michael Klinder, Ingrid Weidig
Website: Ingrid Weidig

This project was kindly sponsored by:
Auswärtiges Amt . Hoppe-Ritter Kulturförderung . Kulturbüro der Stadt Essen .
Ministerpräsident des Landes NRW Wolfgang Clement . Robert Bosch Stiftung . Sparkasse Essen .